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This 29-year-old actress from India named Radhika Apte is dealing with one of the most talked about stories in the world. This native of the city of Pune has allegedly had pictures get leaked on WhatsApp — as you can see in the album below. Thus far, she hasn’t said much of anything about this growing controversy.

As you’ll see, Radhika Apte appears naked in many of the images. How did they get on social media? Some skeptics think that she released the pics herself in hopes of becoming a household name. If that’s the case, she’s a genius because the plan seems to be working.

Radhika Apte who is a popular face in Bollywood and down South is the latest victim of the hackers’ group, who’ve been floating her bathroom selfies on public platforms. Radhika has done several films down South and was recently seen in Shor in the City, Rakht Charitra, Dhoni, Lai Bhaari and latest movies which include Badlapur with Varun Dhawan and Hunterr among others.

The daughter of a doctor, she’s been in numerous movies and plays. Adding to this story is the fact that she’s married. Why would a woman with a husband be taking selfies like this? That’s what everyone wants to know.

Without further ado, here is the album that was mentioned above. However, the authenticity of the pictures has not been confirmed yet and also not known that photos are real or morphed.

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